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Hi, I’m Christina. I’m a contemplative carnivore. Simply put, I make thoughtful choices about what I consume.

My journey as a contemplative carnivore began in 2008 with a moving sermon from Pastor Greg Boyd about our responsibility for God’s creation, specifically animals. After watching many disturbing videos about animal abuse in our farming system, my husband and I made a decision to source our meats almost exclusively from a local, humane farmer whose passion was to treat animals with the love, care and habitat they deserved. 

But our journey didn’t stop there. We continued to read, watch and learn. Authors like Michael Pollan informed our ways of thinking about how we eat, and enlightened us on sustainable farming practices and the abusive and destructive practices our government subsidizes. We read books like Animal Liberation, which opened our eyes to animal testing and abuse in our health and beauty industry, among other things.

This blog seeks to help you make similar choices in your life, regardless of budget. You will find educational information, delicious recipes, tips on food products, details about health and beauty brands that don’t test on animals, and more.

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