Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nature's Gate for color-treated hair

In about six weeks I turn 30. I'm actually excited about it now, but a year ago I was pretty depressed about the whole idea of not being in my 20s anymore. So, in an effort to fight my depression and impending dread about looking older, I ended a five-year break from coloring my hair and started getting highlights over the summer.

Hair-dying chemicals are hardly good for the environment or animals, but I somehow managed to justify it with my on-going use of animal- and environmentally-friendly hair care products. My newly colored hair, however, was not so thrilled. Nor was my hairstylist, who chided me for over-washing my hair AND using products that stripped the color.

I was convinced there weren't any products that would work for me and my animal-friendly beauty regimen, until a random stop at Whole Foods Body got me acquainted with the Nature's Gate hair care line, which includes several solutions for color-treated hair. Not only were the products reasonably priced (I paid about $6.99 for an 18 ounce bottle), they were all-natural, animal-friendly, earth-friendly, vegan and completely non-synthetic.

Still skeptical, I tried out just the conditioner first and was so hooked that I snagged the shampoo the following week. My hair was softer, fuller and the color remained vibrant. And, as an added bonus, their products help my hair stay fresher longer so I can now stick to washing just four days per week instead of my previous daily wash. My hairstylist is thrilled!

I haven't tried out any of the other Nature's Gate products yet, but they offer a full line of beauty products including bath care, skin care, deodorant, oral care, face care, sun care and more. If they're other products are anything like their hair care, I'm sold!

For more information, check out their website:

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