Monday, August 5, 2013

A Little Light Reading

Thanks to a (slightly) lightened work load and the beautiful sunshine beckoning me out to the pool this summer, I've been indulging in some much-needed reading over the past month.

As usual, my "leisure reading" is hardly of the beach read variety. Every book I've been enjoying is intense, educational, and largely about food. As you can see from the shiny, plastic cover on the photo of Salt Sugar Fat, the local library has been getting some pretty solid business from me in their medical and nutrition science section.

If you haven't read Salt Sugar Fat, I recommend it for a really great look into the processed food industry. Unlike the other books I often read, which focus heavily on the negative animal welfare and farming practices used by processed food companies, this is a far less graphic examination of the marketing, advertising and food research that goes into making us desire all of the bad-for-us items on grocery shelves.

Not up for a big read about food? Set aside an hour to watch the 2006 documentary King Corn, which I finally just watched last week. It's one of the early whistle-blower documentaries about the state of food in America, particularly the government-subsidized corn crops and what they mean for food processors, cheap food creation and the American consumers' health.

And, because it was filmed before so many other documentaries that have since caused farmers and the processed food industry to resist talking to reporters, it features the stories of very candid farmers who share the impact on their farms, their communities and the American people.

I'm still working through some major reading as I write this. I'm currently wrapping up The End of Illness, with Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and The Ethical Butcher following close behind, so look for some upcoming reviews and/or recommendations in the next few weeks.

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