Monday, February 25, 2013

Millennials as farmers?

I recently read an article on that made me so excited that I had to share: Millennials (my generation) are increasingly pursuing careers as farmers.

For years and years, the census data has shown a drastic decline in the number of farmers and of people pursuing careers in farming. As any of my food and agriculture readings attest, this has led us to the massive conventional-style farming conglomerates we have today that are devastating our animals, the environment and our health.

But, as this news article indicates, in the last few years, young people within the Millennial generation are taking an interest in small, organic farms and even considering careers in farming.

My generation of so-called entitled, everyone-must-get-a-gold-star, technology and money-hungry hipsters is actually looking at this messed-up system (and the often-disturbing thought of a life spent in cubicle land), and choosing to do something about it! How awesome is that?!

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