Thursday, November 1, 2012

National Men Make Dinner Day

Ok ladies, did you know that November 1 is National Men Make Dinner Day? Apparently it’s the one day of the year where the men in our lives are encouraged to score points with us by actually lifting a finger in the kitchen!

If you have a man who makes dinner regularly, you are certainly in the minority. I consider myself pretty lucky as my hubby regularly grills for us and puts in kitchen time once every few weeks to whip up one of the 3 or 4 dishes he can pull off. Still, the vast majority of my evenings are spent in the kitchen, and if you’re a woman, I’m betting most of your evenings are too.

While football on TV is one of the biggest barriers to my husband making dinner, he has some legitimate arguments for not helping out:
  1. The recipe is too complicated.
  2. He can’t find the ingredients easily.
  3. The food never turns out as well as when I make it.
Thankfully, all but the football can be easily solved:
  1.  Give him an easy recipe to make.
  2. Set out all the ingredients for him so he doesn’t waste time searching for them.
  3. Do #1 and #2 often so he gets more practice in the kitchen and is better able to prepare food.
Many of the recipes I post on here are a bit on the intermediate side, but check out Chunky Taco Salad and Chicken Imperial as options for your man to try his hand at. Both are easy to execute and forgiving if not done absolutely perfectly.

Enjoy your night off from dinner duty!

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