Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trying to buy thoughtfully? Think reuse and recycle

Forgive me today as I deviate slightly from my typical commentary on recipes, food and animal-friendly products. I am so jazzed by my Craigslist find last weekend that I just have to share.

On Sunday, my husband and I snagged a Pottery Barn desk for a quarter of what it would have cost us brand new! Check out this beauty:

Craigslist is certainly no secret. I’ve been using it for years to find jobs (my first full-time gig was a Craiglist posting) and furnish many apartments in my early 20s and now our single-family house. My motive for using it has primarily been to save money, but as I drove home on Sunday with a new-to-me desk, I realized that buying used also speaks to my emphasis on living and buying thoughtfully.

1960s mirror makeover with a few coats of paint
What better way to retain the natural habitat of animals and the natural beauty of our surroundings than to resist buying new and instead reuse and recycle the things that have already taken precious resources to make?

I’m far from being one of the thrift store junkies I envy on Pinterest, but in the past year as we’ve furnished our first house, many of my favorite pieces have been finds on Craigslist and other websites that we’ve either used as-is or done some minor rehab to in order to make them uniquely our own. Everything from like-new patio furniture to a funky mirror from the 60s to one-of-a-kind coffee tables and end tables now adorn our home thanks to some creativity, a little elbow grease and thinking beyond the Pottery Barn catalogue (easier said than done, I know).
Craigslist couch and pillows handmade from recycled coffee bags

Looking for some inspiration for cheap and cute solutions to decorating your home? Pinterest is a great place to start, of course. But one of my favorites is, which not only has awesomely creative decorating ideas, but tons of tips on how to do any home decorating DIY.

So now it’s your turn. What are some of your best thrift/Craigslist finds? Where do you turn for reuse/DIY inspiration?

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