Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bath & Body Works does it better

During my teen years, I was a Bath & Body Works freak. The sprays, the lotions, the body washes. You name it I was buying it to mask any trace of body odor and insecurity.

Fast forward to today and my choices in personal fragrance have grown a bit more sophisticated. Though I’m no longer hosing myself down in Cucumber Melon, or whatever the heck my teenage nose thought would attract the boys, my interest in good-smelling things has simply grown into fragrant soaps and candles sprinkled throughout the house.

But despite 15 years of growing older and wiser since my Cucumber Melon days, Bath & Body Works remains a staple in my home because all of its good-smelling goodies are produced without any animal testing.

Don’t believe me? Flip your Bath & Body Works bottle to its backside and right on the bottom you’ll find “Not Tested On Animals” in all caps. The company can also be found on PETA’s list of approved “No Testing” products. And, even better, their products are super affordable and easy to find at any major mall or shopping center.

I can’t say many of my decisions were that great in my teens, but buying Bath & Body Works was and still is a good choice. 
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