Sunday, April 8, 2012


Welcome to my newest blog: The Contemplative Carnivore.

The idea for this blog was really born out of more than three years of family and friends asking about the recipes I cook, the products I buy and the information I have learned as I’ve contemplated my carnivorous state (Check out the About Me section for details).

My family and friends live all across the country. They have a range of income levels and access to stores. And, like everyone, they have varying limits on the time they can spend thinking about their health, the environment and food and products sourcing. This blog is for them and anyone else seeking to eat better, buy better and simply do better with his or her money and time.

I’m not a nutritionist, an environmentalist or health expert, just a passionate and concerned individual passing along what I have learned over several years of research and experimenting on myself and my husband. What works for my family may not work for yours, but I invite you to contemplate your own carnivorous state and share your thoughts, opinions and experiences along the way. 
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